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X Tube Script Just Released Version 2.9

Adult Video Script
Adult Video Script

New to Xtubescript V2.9 Xtubescript is a premier Adult Video Script which comes fully loaded with the ability to upload Videos, Photo and Stories. And to populate your site with media Xtubescript comes with built in grabbers which makes adding Videos and Stories to your site fast and easy, embed or download videos and stories from the admin panel.

Xtubescript also has a Mobile page all uploaded videos will also be converted to mobile friendly videos. Including a built in Mobile Redirect all mobile user will be redirected to the mobile section. This feature can be turned on/off in the Admin Panel.

Xtubescript comes with 6 easy to edit templates. Xtubescript also comes with seven different languages including translation in the admin panel, easy to add more.

Also Xtubescript has a built in Adult Warning
Page at no additional cost. This feature can be turned on/off in the Admin Panel.

Also .CSV file support mass embed videos fast using .csv file supplied by youporn.

Videos and Photos now can be placed into multiple categories. Photo and Video ads now can be inserted during upload. ( Great for sponsor ads ) And will be seen below the video player. This can be turned on off in the admin panel.

True HD videos encoded with MP4Box. If a user uploads a HD video it will be convert if needed and you can show it on your website. .

Fast and easy install with X Tube Script install script.

Advanced state of the art admin control panel makes managing your site with ease.

41 ad spaces that can easily be turned on/off in X Tube Script admin control panel. All ad spaces are highlighted in our demo as an example to show ad space location.

SEO friendly URLs. Title, Description and
Keywords Tags can be change for all pages in the admin control cpanel. Most traffic comes from search engines these days and there for there are only SEO friendly urls. This will give your site a boost in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Real MP4 and FLV streaming with Lighttpd. You can switch between different ratio of videos without restarting the video or downloading the whole video. This saves bandwidth and gives the users the option to fast forward a video.

The commenting system uses ajax to easy add comments without reloading the hole page. None members can react by entering a name and CAPTCHA.

X Tube Script come with a mail system that send mail when certain actions are done on the video site. When a user uploads his video admin get an email to approve or reject a video. When admin approve the upload, the user gets an email with the link of his approved video. The people that are friends with the uploader or subscribed to the uploader also get an email. This way users can updated about the video site, which is good for users and good for traffic.

The video sitemap is design so you can add it to Google webmaster tools and Google will find your videos faster.

You can add social sharing icons under the video player with one click in the admin panel. Addthis made it possible to easy integrate this on your website. User can share their videos on Facebook, twitter, Google+, Myspace, Digg this, Reddit and many more social networks.

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Xtubescipt is now compatable with Videoswiper